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Class XXVII Recruitment Receptions were held here:

Key West-July 12, Thursday – 6:00-7:30 pm

Key West Tropical Forest and Botanical Gardens

Marathon-July 20, Friday – 6:00-7:30 pm

Crane Point Nature Center and Museum

Islamorada-July 27 ,Friday – 6:30-8:00 pm

Cheeca Lodge, Islamorada

For the future CLASS XXVIII - After June, 2019

Application Submission deadline for the current Class XXVII was August 10, 2018 and is now closed. 

To review, you can access the Class XXVII Application at this link: Class XXVII Application 2018-19

The 2019-20 – Class XXVIII Application will be very similar, with dates adjusted, and sequence of sessions perhaps also re-ordered.

For any assistance, call 305-394-3804

Class XXVII Session Dates
and Locations:

#1 – Sept. 28-29, 2018: Tourism/Economy – Two days & one overnight in Key West

#2 – Nov. 9, 10, 11: Environment – Three days & two overnights in the Everglades

#3 – Dec. 14: Arts/Culture/Media – One day in Key West

#4A – Jan. 11, 2019: Law/Military – One day in Key West

#4B-Jan. 25: Military – One day in Key West

#5 – Feb. 1: Health Care – One day in Key West

#6 – Feb. 22: Human Services – One day in Key West

#7 – March 8: Emergency Management – One day in Marathon

#8 – Apr. 5-6: – Education/Government – One day in Tavernier/Key Largo w/one overnight in Upper Keys

Apr. 6: Leadership / Graduation – Upper Keys

March 19, 2019 – Florida Keys Day (Tallahassee), optional attendance, open to the public. March 19, 2019

Overview of Leadership Monroe Sessions


The opening session introduces students to leadership and personality profiling concepts. The class will examine the differences we have as individuals and how divergent viewpoints and styles can contribute to the cohesiveness of a group.
Refining personal skills and learning to draw out the best in each individual in a group are among the goals of this session, as well as providing an overall introduction to the program and acquaint class members with each other.

Tourism and the Economy

This session includes an overview of the Monroe County economy. The class will review Keys’ current and potential issues that impact our economy. The class will learn about tourism trends in Monroe County and gain insight on the inner workings of the Tourist Development Council.


This session will focus on the role the environment plays in local business, public decision making and quality of life. Experts from biological, ecological and research disciplines will help participants understand our surrounding ecosystem.

This session includes nature tours in Everglades National Park and Big Cypress with the opportunity to see many endangered at-risk and unique species of flora and fauna in their natural habitat.

Efforts to make the Keys “greener” and the ongoing challenges of our waste water issues and those effects on our environment will be highlighted.


Lifelong education will be the focus of this session. Participants will analyze the challenges and opportunities facing the educational system.
An overview of elementary, secondary and post secondary systems in place will be presented, as well as non-traditional and ancillary programs that support education in our county. Examination of budget issues and a tour of a school facility are also included.


The Government segment offers an in-depth look at the legislative system that impacts local residents, the complexities of governing in today’s regulatory environment, and issues currently facing public decision makers at the local and county level.

Judicial System

The class will first examine the local civil and criminal justice system through dialogue with judges, attorneys and other law enforcement officials. Included is a tour of the Monroe County Detention Center facility and examination of the community-oriented policing philosophy.

The Military

The role of the Navy, the Coast Guard, JIATF, and Homeland Security in the Keys and their impact on Monroe County is addressed, both from a historical perspective and the current homeland security requirements. The ongoing effort to control the flow of illegal drugs into our country is examined. Emphasis is placed on how much the military contributes to the Keys’ tax base as well as cultural life.

Emergency Management

An overview of county-wide Emergency Services will be provided. You will be able to examine the decision making process by the responsible officials and responders as a hurricane approaches and explore how it effects the Keys physically, mentally and economically.

You will meet local and national leaders involved in the decision making. You will get a first hand overview of what it takes to operate a fire station by touring the City of Marathon’s fire station, participating in a vehicle extraction and participating in a simulated exercise. Experience the medical transportation of a critical trauma patient on our state of the art helicopter “Trauma Star”.

Health and Human Services

An additional full day was committed for this session in 2015-16. Medical and health services issues directly affecting Monroe County will be addressed. Challenges and barriers encountered by consumers, providers and third party payers will be explored. County-wide health services will be presented and tours of area health facilities is included.
Gain an insight into Monroe County’s diverse population, as well as its poverty and human services needs. Experience real life problems that people less fortunate are facing and find out more about the various organizations that exist in the county to assist people in our community.

The Arts, Culture and The Media

The Arts are examined for their historical, cultural, social and economic impact on the Florida Keys.

Leaders in the non-profit and private arts sectors and creative industries, demonstrate the contribution from the performing, literary and visual arts, and detail the opportunities and challenges for development as advocates and policy makers. Tours of arts and cultural facilities are undertaken, to broaden perspectives and give added exposure of their contribution to the history and life in the Florida Keys.

Apply for future Class XXVIII after June, 2019

Leadership Monroe County Florida’s mission is building relationships
for constructive alliances among Florida Keys leaders.
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